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Why M1 Properties?

Why M1 Properties?

Welcome to M1 Properties. M1 Properties serves as a specialist real estate agency to Property & Building Management. So many times we here negative stories about rental properties or experiences landlords and investors have with their agent or tenant. So why switch to M1 Properties? What do we do that is different to other real estate agencies?

Firstly, our focus and main service is Property Management. This is our specialty and what we excel at. Think of it like this; if you need your car serviced, you would go to your mechanic. If you need a plumbing repair, you would speak to a plumber. You’re not feeling well, you would visit the doctor. Same logic is applied here. When a property investor wants their property looked after, you would speak to a property management specialist.

Secondly, our whole team focuses on our portfolios of rental properties, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. At any one time, our team is aware of what is happening and can quickly engage and scope matters as they arise.

How do you measure if a property manager is good? Time, experience and knowledge. At M1 Properties our team combined has over 75 years of experience. We have seen it all when it comes to management and from our knowledge and experience, are better equipped to lead, manage and solve property management issues. So many factors come into play from negotiating, delivery, communication, building rapport, maintaining relationships, identifying issues, being able to see an end result whilst in the midst of a problem and so much more! Time? We are that confident with our services that any new client automatically receives 3 months free management. Think of it as our welcoming gift to you.

It never hurts to ask questions about your investment. For so many of us, investing in property is the largest purchase we would make in our life, so you would want the reassurance that your largest investment is really being looked after. Certain pointers that landlords should know:

  • Know your tenant and their intentions
  • Know your property to the point you can visually see the property with your routine inspection reports
  • Know your property manager

For a no obligation chat, we welcome you to call and speak to us about your property investment.

James Merheb

M1 Properties Managing Director & LREA

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