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As property managers, the responsibilities do not stop at rent collection and routine inspections. The M1 Promise extends to the following

Stress-Free Service

  • Open communication from the first consultation
  • Management of all agreements, paperwork, timely payments, tenant and landlord obligations
  • Stringent inspections of properties before, during and after at frequent intervals
  • Full education for first time investors and current investors

Strategy-Full Service

  • Constant monitoring of the market to assess the true value of the property
  • Marketing properties and liaising with tenants/landlords for suitable leasing agreements and minimising of property vacancy
  • Forming alliances with agents, investors, builders and all other stakeholders to strengthen ties in the industry
  • Effective and efficient training of staff

The Basics

  • Rent collection
  • Record keeping
  • Routine inspections
  • Repair facilitation

The Specifics

  • Find the most suitable tenants
  • Ensuring compliance with signed agreements
  • Monthly facility payments
  • First point of contact
  • Monthly and annual reporting
  • Handling leases and lodging bonds
  • Ensuring all practices are in accordance with Australian law
  • Negotiation
  • Preparing annual budgets; forecasting; scheduling expenditure
  • Resolving complaints (in the unlikely event) and enforcing rules of tenancy and leasing