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The M1 Approach

What sets us apart from our competitors and other agents in the industry can be narrowed down to the 3 P’s: Proactive- Personalized- Prominent


M1 prides themselves on taking a proactive approach when dealing with clients- new and potential. Rather than reacting to unforeseen circumstances, M1 professionals undertake regular visits to managed properties and remain in strong communication with all clients.


Rather than carrying out a transactional relationships with clients, M1 does not stop at collecting rent and routine inspections. M1 is proud to offer a personalized service to all tenants and landlords, recognising that no two clients are alike. With attention to detail and a high level of professionalism, M1 staff not only maintain an expert approach, but a tailored-to-circumstance approach.


In most real estate agencies, a property manager is an agent/sales representative/customer service specialist/marketing professional all in one. At M1 Properties, our focus (and main focus) is property management. That’s why we are prominent, standing out as specialists in our field- big enough to have an established reputation in the industry, but small enough to cater to each and every individual.

M1 Properties Managing Director

Fifteen years in the industry and an extensive property portfolio do not go amiss in the Property Management Market and neither does M1 Property’s Managing Director, James Merheb. With a proven track record of loyal client retention and management of valuable assets.

James is most reputable for outstanding portfolio growth and strata management; extensive staff training, open communication, trustworthiness and reliability as demonstrated in his ability to negotiate, liaise and mediate with tenants and landlords.

In a dynamic yet volatile market, highly influenced by external factors, James remains on top of the game, adopting a proactive approach and staying up to date with the latest information across affiliated industries from economic to construction. To further add value, James also has high proficiency in various software and programs for efficient planning, sequencing, time/cost estimates, monitoring and controlling. Through experience, dedication and passion, James’ sole priority remains client satisfaction. His prime competitive advantage in this industry is one that has helped him grow and survive in an ever-changing, ever-competitive industry.

James Merheb
Managing Director